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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the cultural capital of South America, boasts thousands of attractions that make it a truly unique destination.
A fascinating city, full of energy, with European soul and Latin passion. Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan, vibrant and elegant. It’s a city faithful to its traditions yet is constantly reinventing itself.

Buenos Aires is a remarkable city, with 199 cinemas, hundreds of concert halls, 350 theatres, 140 museums, 71 cultural centres and a municipal golf course.
“The city that never sleeps” is a trademark: clubs, raves, tango bars, restaurants, cabarets and themed bars open up their hospitality until the small hours. And much more.

Buenos Aires is also a shopper’s paradise: 100 shopping centres, 10 ‘mega malls’, 200 art galleries, 14 shopping avenues, outlets, craft fairs and antique markets make up an unbeatable retail network that satisfies the tastes and expectations of all the tourists who visit our city.

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